Monday, 2 January 2017

Download Nokia XL -103Q sc7730/31 Clone FlashFile / Firmware

Note: This firmware link below will only work for the below model
Brand : XL-103Q
Phone Model : XL-103Q
Android Ver : 4.4.2
CPU/Processor : SP7731GEA_V1.0.0 SPD
Project ver : u7s_fm-user 4.4.2 KOT49H 14B_U7S.FM.V3.05 test-keys SW Version : U7S.FM.V3.05


Nokia XL_103Q_4.4.2_SC7731
Download Now

Learn How To Flash NOKIA CLONE XL103Q SPD
Download an install SreadTrum drivers
Download an Extract Research Download / UpgradeDownload from here
Launch Research Download/UpgradeDownload Tool
Click on load icon
Navigate to the folder containing the firmware / ROM
Select the .Pac file in the firmware folder
Wait for it to load in Research Download/UpgradeDownload tool
Click Play/Start button
Now connect the device to PC while holding volume down key (Some new spd devices requires holding volume up key)
Wait for flashing process to complete
When you see Passed! Then note that the flashing or upgrading process is complete
Disconnect and boot up device.

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