Friday, 6 January 2017

Download Samsung FRP Removal Tool

Samsung FRP helper v0.2 
Bypass almost every FRP protection by ADB. (Need combination firmware).

This tool has 2 methods to bypass FRP 
(a) Calling Method (Real Term Method)
(b) ADB 
The Tool is Easy to use. User friendly GUI.
Auto detect ADB device when phone connected to PC.
It can read phone info (Not fully, My focus on removing FRP)

How to use Samsung FRP Helper (ADB Mode)?

Download a combination firmware for your phone.
Flash it through Odin.
Turn on mobile and connect to PC.
Click on ADB Method tab.
Click on Remove FRP button and FRP should gone.

How to use Samsung FRP Helper (ADB Mode)? optional

I know everyone know the method of Real Term. If you wan't to learn this method just Google it. You will find great things.

Download Samsung FRP Helper
Download NOw

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