Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Follow the instructions on how to flash the device carefully below
I will not take responsibility on whatever may happen to your device.
Flash at your own risk..
Make sure you are downloading the exact ROM of the device you want to flash because 
 flashing a wrong preloader, will make the device completely dead 
(can't power on, can't charge and will not be detected by a computer)

How to flash Sony Xperia Clone using SP Flash Tool
                                      Download, MTK VCOM USB drivers from here

Download, latest SP Flash Tool from here

For a more detail guide with video and pictures on how to use SP Flash Tool, click here

You can also use other tools like WiseLinkSP Multiport Download, Miracle Box, Volcano, Infinity CMII etc to flash this device

If you encounter any error while flashing your device, click here and see if it solves your problem

Report if you cannot download any of these files.

Note that this is a clone device of Sony Xperia with different funny names like CMX, QMX, XBN etc. Normally a good way to know which file to use is by reading the build id but sometimes the build id shows android generic stuffs thus the best way to identify is by checking what's on the board id.

Also if you are not sure of the file you want to flash, make a stock backup with Miracle box, CM2, GSM Alladin etc so that if something goes wrong you can put the phone back at it original state.

Most times, the problem we have with Clone devices is hang on logo. 
The easiest solution to fix this problem is flashing just boot.img. If you are faced with this hang on logo problem, simply backup(Read) boot.img and lk.bin file using miracle box, gsm aladin, infinity cm2 etc
Then Flash back the two images backed up and the phone will be ok with no data loss.



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