Tuesday, 4 April 2017

GSM Flasher FRP Tool Premium Free download

Download Gsm Flasher Tool FRP Pro bypass / Remover For Free (No Stress Again On FRP}

GSM Flasher FRP Tool Pro. It is good and paid software,
This Tool worth of $200 (82,000), Too many  people are saying that it is fake Also most  people have bought this software before, so i decided to upload an share the Paid Version for FREE.

GSM Flasher FRP Tool Premium
For Removing / Bypassing Samsung FRP All Model With latest Security Patch. 2017
What is FRP?
Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a security method that was designed to make sure someone can't just wipe and factory reset your phone if you've lost it or it was stolen. Starting with Android Lollipop, FRP is "standard" in vanilla Android, and most companies making our phones have implemented it in their own models.
How To Use Gsm Flasher Frp Tool? 

Download Gsm Flasher Frp Tool Pro 2017 from here
  • Extract the .zip an run dsmedia24_buy_SamSung_Frp.exe
  • Run Software Click on any Function.
  • This will ask for key. Enter ====  EVERYCATISNOTGRFIELD ====
  • Boot the Samsung Phone into Download mode  or Wait for phone to Boot-Up. (Optional)
  • Plug in USB Data Cable
  • Select the Model Number of your Device
  • Click on Remove Frp
    wait till process Completed 
  • if Your device get Brick or stock @ Software Upgrade Fail.......
  • Use the Next Option (Softbrick Error Fix) To solve it.
  • You have Successfully Removed FRP (Google Account Verification On below Models)

Supported Models.

Grand Prime SM-G531H, SM-G531F, SM-G530FZ
Core Prime VE SM-G361H, SM-G360T1
A3 (2016) A310M, A310Y
A5 (2016) A510F, A510M, A510FD, A5100, A510Y
A7 (2016) A710M, A710FD, A7100, A710Y
A9 (2016)
Alpha G850F, G850T, G850M, G850FQ; G850Y
J1 (2016) J120F, J120H, J120M, J120M, J120T
J1 mini J105B/DS
J2 J200F, J200Y, J200G, J200H, J200GU
J2 (2016)
J3 (2016) J320P, J3109, J320M; J320Y
J5 J500FN, J500F, J500G, J500Y, J500M
J7 J700F, J700M, J700H
J7 (2016) J710F, J710FN ; J710M ; J710H
E5 E500F, E500H, E500HQ, E500M, E500F/DS, E500H/DS, E500M/DS
E7 E7000, E7009, E700F, E700F/DS, E700H, E700H/DD, E700H/DS, E700M, E700M/DS
S5 G900F, G900I, G900M, G900A, G900T, G900W8, G900K/G900L/G900S
S5 Neo G903F, G903W
S6 G9200, G9208, G9208/SS, G9209, G920A , G920F, G920FD, G920I, G920S, G920T
S6 edge G925, G9250, G925A, G925F, G925FQ, G925I, G925K, G925L, G925S, G925T
S6 edge+ G928V; G928P; G928R; G928F; G928G; G928T; G928A; G928I
S7 G930 (USA); G930F; G930FD; G930A (AT&T, Cricket); G930P (Sprint, Boost, Virgin Mobile); G930V (Verizon); G930T (T-Mobile, Metro PCS); G930R (US Cellular)
S7 edge G935; G935F; G935FD; G935A ; G935P; G935V; G935T; G935R
Note 4 N910F, N910K/N910L/N910S, N910C, N910FD, N910FQ, N910H, N910G, N910U
Note Edge N915FY, N915A (AT&T), N915T, N915K/N915L/N915S, N915G, N915D
Note5 N920V; N920P; N920R; N920T; N920A; N920I; N920G; N9208; N920C/N920CD
Note7 N930V; N930A; N930P; N930T, N930R4; N930W8; N930; N930F; N930G
Tab 4, Pro, Active

Software Information / Developers And Software Version.

GSM Flasher Frp Reactivation Lock Remover Pro by TELECom TECH Team
FileVersion.       "
Copyright ©                TELECom TECH Team, 2017 All Right Reversed"
Assembly Version."

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