Thursday, 4 May 2017

How to flash Lenovo (binx) Firmware File using SML flash tool

On this Page we have managed to share the SML tool and how to flash Lenovo binx
File Format using the Sml Tool.

Download the tool and install the driver from Here

1) Run the downloaded tool.

, This need to be checked, if not checked will need to check then restart,
to ensure that the tool run the factory mode.

Factory pattern as shown:

2) In the Download File area, click on the three dots on the Right hand side

 Button, will pop up the following interface,

locate and Select the the downloaded firmware (binx format), click open.

3) click on Start All Lines.

hold down the "volume -" key after inserting the USB Cable,

after the process changes, release the "volume -" key,

Note: If there is no response or failure, please try again.

Upgrade success, as shown:

Note: After the successful upgrade, unplug the USB Cable,
and re-disassemble the battery before starting the normal boot

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