Saturday, 8 July 2017

Download Uni-Android Tool v1.02

Uni-Android Tool v1.02 allows you to read the bootloader status in EDL Mode, Unlocking the Bootloader in the EDL Mode, Re-locking the Bootloader in EDL mode.

It supports Sony Xperia, Qualcomm, LG, YU Mobile, Microsoft Mobile, Xiaomi, Motorola, Nokia Device, Asus Device, HTC Device, Huawei, Mediatek Device, Samsung Device.
Allows you to perform multiple tasks including Read the Pattern Lock, Reset the Pattern Lock, Remove the Pattern Lock, Perform the Factory Reset, Remove the Malware from the device, Remove the ADB locks, Capture the Screenshot, VCF Reader, Language Changer.

Download Uni-Android Tool v1.02

File Name: Uni-Android_Tool_v1.02
Alternative Name: Uni-Android Tool v1.02
File Version: v1.02
File Size: 140 MB


[*] Credits: Uni-Android Tool v1.02 is created and distributed by Rahul Bhutani. So, full credits goes to Rahul Bhutani for sharing the tool for free.

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