Sunday, 4 November 2018

Iphone 7 Fix Touch not working after Restoring back up

One of my client's iphone 7 after restoring back his previous backup of his former iPhone 5 to the new iPhone 7 the touch stopped functioning, its kinda weird because he has never experienced something like that before.

but in my experience Apple tend to conflict ios versions so i figured out that could be the reason. unlike cases where if a backup has been made lets take for instance from ios version 11.4.1 and you tried restoring to another iPhone with a lesser version lets say 11.1. apple will require you to update the iphone to the earlier version the back up was made from which is 11.4.1 or later version.

i think it has something to do with security. but which ever the case may be here was a quick step i took to get back my clients iPhone 7 working again.

Iphone 7 Fix Touch not working after Restoring back up

 1. download the most recent released apple software from HERE 
 2. used iTunes to restore the iPhone 7
 3. the problem was solved


Note: update retains every information on your iPhone while
          Restore deletes every data on your iPhone returning it to its factory sate.

usually to get to iTunes mode on your iPhone requires powering of the device insert usb cable while holding the home key. devices automatically gets to iTunes mode with the iTunes logo showing on your device.

but on iPhone 7 and later has a bit difference in getting to iTunes mode as it requires powering of the phone holding volume down then insert USB cable to get to iTunes mode.

on your iTunes your devices should be dictated. there you will be presented with two options RESTORE OR UPDATE.

Which ever u want to do.

Note: if your iPhone is disabled because of too many password attempts then u would have no option but to restore your iPhone or wait for the count down.

make sure u have downloaded the appropriate firmware of your iPhone to your computer

hold the shift key on your keyboard then click on either restore or update

it will pop up a dialogue box navigate and select where the file you downloaded is

allow it to finish all of it process without interruption

phone will reboot to hello screen

congrats your iPhone is ready set it up and


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