Tuesday, 27 November 2018

MIPI Repair tool Free Download

MIPI Repair tool is small application for windows computer which allows you to Fix No service on your samsung phone as a result of Mipi fail error.

Download Mipi Repair Tool Free

File Name: MIPI Repair
Alternative Name: Mipi repair tool[gurusmind].zip
File Support: G935P, G935U,G935X etc.
File Size: 234 kb
Tool Link: Click Here to Get the Tool


Guide To Fix MIPI Fail

When you have issues with you Samsung phones mostly on Sprint variant like no service ,  first thing to do is to dial this code: *#0011#.

If you see imei cert fail, it means your device has issues with the certificate. but if you see MIPI shows failed, i believe thats why you are here.


Steps To Fix MIPI On SM-G935P, G935U, G935A, G935V G935T, G955U, G950U, ETC:

First Root Phone

connect Phone Run software

click on Repair Mipi

Hideen Menu will Pop up on device

Choose NV rebuild


NOTE: If the popup does not show, and the phone is rooted, simply install shortcut master lite.
Go to secret code explorer and open 27663368378.
You will be able to navigate from there to NVRAM Rebuild, though you will have to look it up for your device as the menu changes depending on the model and system.

[*] Credits: Mipi Repair Tool  is created and distributed by Nurul Amin | AhmedZitoon So, full credits goes to them for sharing the tool for free.

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