Friday, 23 November 2018

Qualcomm QMSL Special IMEI & SN Writer Tool

On this page we have contained the download link to Customer Qwrite_Writer Qualcomm IMEI & SN & BT & WIFI writer tool.

QMSL IMEI & SN Writer is a small application which allows you to flash IMEI on any Qualcomm Based smartphone and Tablets.

Features of QMSL IMEI & SN WriteTool

Portable Application:

It is a small portable application, which doesnt need to be installed on the computer before using. Simply Launch the application, and enter the IMEI and you are ready to Write it on your Qualcomm Device.


It can be used on Qualcomm Based Android Smartphone and Tablets. It supports Qualcomm MSM8916, MSM8909, MSM8939, MSM8209, MSM8592, OPPO Micromax Vivo, Infinix like x608, x573,x622,Tecno, Itel, platforms to write IMEI, MEID or ESN, Bluetooth Address and WLAN Address.

Write Multiple IMEI:

It also allows you to write IMEI on the Qualcomm devices having Dual SIM. In which Write IMEI1 is used to write IMEI on main card and Write IMEI2 is used to write IMEI on sub card.

Download QMSL IMEI & SN Write Tool

QMSL IMEI & SN Write IMEI Tool v1.4

[*] Credits: QMSL IMEI & SN Write Tool is created and distributed by CK Telecom. So, full credits goes to them for sharing the application for free.

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