Thursday, 27 December 2018

How to Remove Blackberry Anti-theft 10.3.3 Z10 STL100-1

Bypass anti-theft on STL100-1 with special Autoloader build in the following procedures and files step by step.

1). Download Z10 STL100-1 version Z10_10.3.03.2049_STL100-1 here

2). Download Z10 STL100-1 version Z10_10.3.02.2876_STL100-1 here

3). Finally, download Z10-STL100-1 version Z10_10.3.01.2267_STL100-1 here

NOTE: make sure you have all files build exactly

Make sure you have these three files in your computer, in one folder and extracted.

Now, Proceed to flash this Z10_10.3.03.2049_STL100-1 Downloaded from (1) above

Next, flash the second file: Z10_10.3.02.2876_STL100-1 downloaded from (2) above

Finally, flash this file: Z10_10.3.01.2267_STL100-1 downloaded from (3) above.

Set up your device without limitation and enjoy!!!!

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