Tuesday, 26 February 2019

G930F U3 8.0.0 Screen Lock Remove Frp On Oem On Without Data Lose

How To Remove Samsung Device Screen Lock Without Data Lose Frp On Oem On

First Install Samsung Usb Driver 
Download Samsung Flasher Odin HERE
Download Screen Lock Remove Firmware Link

What is Lock Remove File?

Lock screen remove file will help to Remove/Bypass Lock screen, Pattern/Pin/Password on samsng samsung devices without losing your data, Contacts, Pictures, Videos, Documents and lots more.

How To Use Lock Remove file?

To Write The G930f u3 lock remove file Very Easy:
Put phone to download mode Vol(-)+Home key +power then Vol(+)
Download Odin 3, HERE
connect phone to system
Un Tick Auto Reboot 
Then  open odin and click on AP in odin
Flash Step 1 Fimrware
click on  Start.
Again Put Phone In Download Mode
Then  open odin and click on AP in odin 
Flash Step 2 File

All Done Enjoy

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