Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Remove Nokia Lumia Reset Protection Key

If you are a fan of windows phone or a technician, you must have come across Lumia Reset Protection, which can be generally referred to as Anti-theft Lock.

This protection is normally signed in as logged-in credentials by the original owner of the device to protect unauthorized users from getting access, in this case, a factory reset will place a lock on the device and prevent intruders from getting access to the phone.

We will be taking you on a simple guide and tips, to get your Lumia/Windows lumia 640 LTE phone out of the lock protection:


First download this file from here

Extract file you will get two folders inside.

copy and past the iutool and cabs files to c drive

open command prompt as admin (windows 8-10- win X)

plug your powered ON phone to pc

then copy and paste

cd C:\iutool   (press enter)

then copy and paste

iutool.exe -v -p C:\cabs

The process will take some time dont disconnect. until you see the below screen.

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