Tuesday, 18 June 2019

G930R4 G930R6 G930R7 G930V G930T G930P G930T1 G930A 8.0 REV9 U9 Firmware And convert to G930U Free Download

Samsung Galaxy S7 G90R4/R6/R7/V/T/P/T1/A Converted to G930U_Full_Fixed ROM international /english /playstore /Fix ROM Multi language Google Play Fix rom Convert English Rom And Baseband Fix Odin File


This rom is fully fixed of the following things
- Google Gaps
- SMS Fixed
- 3g, 2g, 4g fully fixed.
- Auto APN setting by the network provider.
- USSD code is also fixed in this rom


How to Bypass/fix Google Drive Download Limit for Shared Files

What is Fixed ROM?

Fixed ROM fixes rom issues on your Samsung device.
Fix ROM Multi language, Google Play Fix, Convert English Rom And also de-blot Chinese apps

How To Use Fixed ROM?

To Write The Fixed ROM Is Very Easy:
          Extract download file above
Put phone to download mode Vol(-)+Home key +power then Vol(+)
Download Odin 3, HERE
connect phone to system
Then  open odin and click on BL,AP,CP,CSC in odin
Select the Fixed ROM file
click on  Start.
Once device reboots,your Samsung device has been fix with full functional international rom.

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