Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Glo N1000 3GB Data Plan has increased :sad!

Remember the Glo monthly Blackberry Complete plan of N1000 that you have been enjoying for long both on your blackberry device and android device via IMEI tweaking.

It is with deep regret in our heart to tell you that Glo has recently increased the monthlyBlackberry Complete plan from N1000to N1400.

While Airtel slashed their monthly Blackberry Complete plan recently, Glo just did the exact opposite.

So you will now notice that if you load N1000 and send the normal subscription code that you used in the past, which is COMONTH to 777 or by dialling the subscription code *777*21#, Glo will reply you that “you do not have enough credit”.

And again, there is a little twist in the subscription code, after recharging with N1400 and COMONTH to 777 didn’t work, the new subscription keyword is BBCMONTH to 777 for the monthly plan and BBCWEEKto 777 for the weekly plan.

It is important to note that it is only the price of the monthly plan that was increased and the data allotted remains 3GB, while the weekly plan is still N400 for 700MB.

Glo remains the only network that does not have daily blackberry subscription.

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