Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Wow! Facebook "Like" Reaction Button Gets 6 Additional Buttons

After many suggestions that Facebook should include “Dislike” button, the social media network giant after weighing options has rather gone ahead to introduced 6 other additional reaction buttons without the ‘Dislike’ button.

But in addition to the Facebook “Like” button that goes with the thumps up emoji, which Facebook now see more as a trademark, you can now show deeper reaction by choosing “Love” if you don’t ordinarily want to like on peoples activities.

The five other emoji reactions buttons aside the conventional “Like” and the new deeper “Love” button already described above are; Yay, Haha, Angry, Wow, and Sad buttons.

These new features will start rolling out to Facebook users across the globe both on the web and their mobile platform in the coming few days.

Even when the roll out is complete, ordinarily without been told, you will not notice or see the additional reaction buttons and will still see the normal “Like” button only, except you do the little thing that is required for them to appear.

For those accessing Facebook via web version, for you to see the additional 6 reactions emoji buttons, you will have to hover your mouse on the “Like” button, while those on mobile platform will need to Long key press on the “Like” button for them to appear.

Just as we have said that roll out has already begun in some countries and it is gradually going round and it will come on web versions automatically but those on iOS, Android and Windows mobile platform will need to update their Facebook app before integration will take place.

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