Thursday, 31 March 2016

How to Remove security codes on MTK devices without losing any file or apps

Sometimes we forget the security code, pin, pattern on our mobile phones. When that happens, the option is to factory reset the device which result in losing of files and apps.
I will be showing you how to remove that lock without losing any files, user settings or apps inside the phone. Simply follow the guide below

Download Miracle Box from here
Download and install MTK 65XX drivers from here

Launch Miracle Box
Under MTK TAB, Click Unlock/Fix
Tick Reset Code
Click Start Button
Turn off device and Connect to PC with USB cord
Miracle Box will detect the phone and start the reset code process
Wait for the process to complete
When you see Done, the process is complete
You can now disconnect the device and boot it up
Congrats Password, PIN or Pattern Lock is gone and files, user settings and apps still intact.

Watch the video on how to do this below

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