Tuesday, 29 March 2016

(Solution thread) Root All Your Android Phones Here

This thread is created for anyone who finds it difficult to root his/her android device. I would provide you with the recommended rooting method for your device, if available. However, rooting android phones is of great importance to your device, in the sense that, it helps you run special programs, free up your device memory and most especially grants you access to install custom roms on your device.

Some other benefits of rooting your android device are as follows:
  •          Let’s you change the IMEI of your android phone (which helps in tweaking).
  •          Unlock hidden features of your device and also installs incompatible apps on your device
  •          It also helps to boost the speed of your device and battery life
  •          It also helps eradicate preinstalled crapware
  •          Helps to flash custom kernel and roms
  •          It also lets you to tweak the dark corners of your android device and many more benefits.

Also know that rooting your android device would void the warranty of your device, but don’t you worry, I also publish a tutorial on how to un-root your rooted android device, that is, you can always go back to unroot your android if you wish to.

Mostly i use IROOT, and its capable of rooting majority of android, you can download from the official website HERE

So, here’s the thing, if you’ve any android smartphone you wish to root, feel free to post the android device model and type via comment section, and I would give you feedback on how to root it before the next 48hours. ;)

Advice:- Download Root checker to verify if your phone is rooted or not.


  1. I will try this one. Hope it will not make me disappoint after installing this apps.