Sunday, 7 July 2019

G920A BIT5 U5 FIX DRK dm-verity Fail

Fix drk dm-verity fail on samsung galaxy s6 g920a binary 5 for free

Download Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920A Fix DRK / DM Verilty

  • File Name: G920AUCU5DQB3_FIX_DRK_dm-verity
  • Firmware Link:  Download
  • Password to file: 

How To Fix DRK?

To Write The DRK fix Is Very Easy:
Put phone to download mode Vol(-)+Home key +power then Vol(+)
Download Odin 3, HERE
connect phone to system
Then  open odin and click on AP in odin
Select the eng root file
click on  Start.
Once device reboots, drk should be fix.

NOTE: If you have upgraded to G920A Binary 7 use the comment box and i will tell you how to fix the drk.

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